Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday thoughts

Some things to share with you on a Friday post:

I've been sharing pictures of hubby's shed under construction. We have had lots of rain, so it's a bit water-logged for this picture. Next step is gray paint to match the house. Daughter Heidi and I will fix it up and I'll post another picture.

Time to get Christmas decorations up, so here's the fireplace and mantel. The creche scene is mostly Willow Tree characters, and you will note there are a few of my Santa collection on the mantel as well.

Now those of you who are opposed to guns and hunting, skip over this one. This is Grandson Carson with his first deer, a 9 point buck shot right through the heart with his rifle. Pretty impressive, and he is so excited. For hunting families, eight is the age for getting that first deer.

Is this how you feel with the holidays in full force? It's so hard to not pick up a tasty tidbit to nibble on!

This is my favorite Santa from my collection, mostly because of the detail. I love the fox and note the baby fox in the grass at his feet and the little owl at his shoulder.

Joining today with Willy Nilly Friday 5 and Five on Friday. Thanks for hosting, ladies!

Linda Kay
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