Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lost in technology

It's Sunday and I am still without cable. I really am coming back, so don't give up on me!
Linda Kay

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Crafty Critters

You might remember my post on Monday of the Cafe Ridge and the gardens there. Also for sale were a couple of interesting critters:

These are definitely not your normal critters, but I thought they were delightfully fun! Joining in with Eileen for Saturday Critters. Thanks for hosting!Saturday's Critters

Linda Kay

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Mystery #4-Conclusion

Some of you may have followed me in the past for installments on a short story. So last week I started a story here for Fridays for a few weeks, a continuing mystery. We'll see if you can guess the outcome. If you missed the first week's introduction, click here. Then check on my blog the last two weeks for the update.

Officer Gannon brought Sally Spence in for questioning, but when she saw herself on the video, she quickly admitted to the theft at the church the day of the wedding. She was arrested but allowed to return to her home on her own recognizance, awaiting her day in court.

Gannon placed a call to Kelly. “Kelly, this is Tom Gannon. We have discovered who is responsible for the theft at your daughter’s wedding. Unfortunately, you do know this person. Her name is Sally Spence. I will tell you that she has confessed to the thefts, and this isn’t the first time we have arrested her for stealing. “

There was an audible gasp on the other end of the phone. “Are you sure, Officer? Sally sings next to me in choir, and I’ve known her for several years.”

“As I mentioned, she has confessed. She will have a day in court, at which time you are welcome to attend, and I’ll keep you informed as to the restitution and any sentence handed down.”

“Thank you. I know her family, and I know this will be a shock for everyone in our small congregation who knows her.” Kelly hung up the phone and called first her pastor to let him know what had happened, then Gwen who had found the grocery card numbers.

Kelly fixed a cup of tea and sat back in her recliner to think about how she felt so violated by someone she had trusted. Then she remembered another time when she thought she had more money in her purse, but couldn’t remember for sure and certain that it had been there. Now maybe there was a reason why it was missing that time as well. But as her mind was swirling with the betrayal, she thought too of Sally and what her motivation must be. She and her husband seemed to be doing well enough, so it couldn’t really be the money. And if she had an illness, then Kelly felt a twinge of sympathy for her. It would certainly be an embarrassment for her husband and children.

In the weeks that followed, Sally’s family left the church, where within a short time everyone knew of the incident. She was charged with the theft and ordered to pay restitution. In addition, she was to seek counseling and would serve time on probation. Kelly was happy that the mystery was solved, but would deal with feelings of mistrust that she had never felt before.

This is a true story, the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. Have you been a victim of theft?

Have a wonderful weekend, but watch out where you leave your purse or wallet!

Linda Kay

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Broken Fence

Many of you have heard of or read about the flooding in Texas from all the rains we had. As we were driving on a country road where we would never have driven when the rains were coming down, we did see some damage that I'm sharing with you, and joining in with Theresa for Good Fences even though these aren't so good anymore.

Note the marker sign for water depth and the tree that was uprooted by the water. I'd venture to guess the water got to the "5" mark on this marker.

Here's the fence torn down by the force of the water.

On the other side of the road, the water continues to rush downstream in a creek bed that was dry just a couple of months ago.

This water is pouring into the culvert under the road, fed by the drainage from fields upstream.

Some of the rivers are still a bit treacherous, and parents are being warned to stay with their children at all times if floating in the river, as the water levels are still unpredictable.

Have a great Thursday and a wonderful weekend. We are still in the process of moving and hooking up technology, and today is actually the day the moving guys will be showing up to take all of our furniture to the new house. I promise to be back more regularly soon.

Linda Kay

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

South Dakota WWW

Thanks to all who stopped by to join in last Wednesday!

Here's hoping some of you might join me in posting a story with a picture for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.  The challenge is to post a picture, then write a short story or a poem about the picture.  When you have your story written, you can link up for others to read.  Feel free to also add your picture and story to another link of your choice. The link up is on my WWW page here. This is #23!

Here's my picture story for this week.

Many of you have read the stories of my neighbor in Little House on the Prairie. The Wilder home and the historical site are in DeSmet, just a short distance from my home place in Lake Preston. Their story was much like mine when I was growing up. We had very little in the way of worldly goods. And we worked very hard to take care of our property and raise our crops. The old barn you see in the picture here kept our milk cows, horses, some sheep, and the hay to feed them during the winter, which we harvested from our fields. 

In the picture at the top right, the old grain shed is still standing. In there we stored corn and other grains to use or sell, and it also had an area for hanging our beef to age and pork to smoke. 

The building at the bottom right was the old machine shed, where Pa kept his plow and other tools used to harvest the grain and make repairs. 

We lived not far from a little school house in Hetland, which is now nearly a ghost town. There is an elevator for grain and a few buildings still standing, including the old school house. On winter days it was very cold out, but we had to walk the three miles to school, all bundled up in our winter coats and boots. 

When you read the stories or watch the television shows of these challenging times on the prairie, you can think of me in my homestead as well, as all of our lives were very much the same. Each season offers its own special adventures and memories, and every winter is brutal and cold. We grew up strong and healthy with dreams of land of our own.

What special memory do you have that is brought back when you see buildings from your childhood?

Now it's your turn. Find a picture, write your story, and share it with others by linking to this page. Have a happy Wednesday!

Linda Kay

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat

Leslie, or Rorybore at Time Out for Mom posted a challenge to address 10 items on a list to share with bloggers, so I thought I'd give it a shot for this Tuesday. Here's the list:

1. Nickname: My dearest old friend, LaVerda has always called me "Linnie", but I've not had that used by many others. My mother used to say "Linda Kay" when she was trying to get my attention, but I really don't even have a middle name. My hubby seldom calls me Linda, but rather "Sweetie" most of the time. If he says Linda, I think he is angry with me or something. So I guess it could be a lot worse!

2. Eye color: Very blue, and all my children and grandchildren have steely blue eyes. Image result for blue eyes

3. Hair color: Dishwater blonde with highlights. My hairdresser says there is no gray as yet, so I'm still bringing life into the drab blonde. 

4. One Fact: I spent my professional life in accounting, banking, and earned my CPA just before I turned 50! Although that designation opened many doors for me in my career, I have trouble shaking the image still, as when people find out I have the accounting background I'm a prime target for a treasurer job with some non-profit organization. 

5. Favorite color: Blue, not just any blue, but really cobalt blue. This is the color you will find in many places in my home, as I've collected them over the years. The next one would be brilliant yellow, combined with the blue. It makes my heart sing!

6. Favorite place: We have done some extensive traveling to Europe, and have been blessed with being able to see some of the most beautiful sites in the world. However, when we were deciding on how to celebrate out 30th anniversary in 2015, we chose to return to Camden, Maine. With the water, the lighthouses, and the lobster, this stands out as probably my favorite place to spend time with my hubby.

7. Favorite celebrity: I'd have to pick two in different genres for this one. From the movies, I so enjoy Julia Roberts. And I like the fact that there isn't a lot of press about her personal life, as she keeps it more private than many. Her recognition comes from her roles in acting. From the music industry, I would select Celine Dion. We got to see her in Las Vegas, and I was mesmerized by her energy and her voice, after hearing so many of her recordings prior to that. She has also handled her career discreetly, taking time away to care for her family.

8. Favorite animal: I love my dogs, for sure. We have had Schnauzers, and Maltese, and finally now our Yorkie/Maltese mix dogs, Izzy and Polly. Izzy is almost 13, while Polly just turned 2. They are a joy to have around. Izzy (actually Isabella) is still in reasonably good health, while Polly is still a bundle of energy.

9. Favorite song: "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Grobin, 

or the "Theme from Titanic" by Celine Dion. And I loved the movie, by the way.

I started taking piano lessons when I was in third grade, and was always taught to sight read, so I can't play without music in front of me. In high school, I added organ to my lessons and played for my church as a teenager. I don't play much anymore, but bought myself a baby grand many years ago and took lessons to get back my timing, etc. I still enjoy playing for myself. Music is a big part of my life.

10. Favorite Book: This is a tough one. I've read many and enjoy those that have a bit of mystery, such as James Patterson and Brown (DeVinci Code, etc). But I think the one that has stuck with me over the years is the book "Heidi". I even named my daughter after her.
Note the description in Amazon.
Heidi embraces the sufferings of rejection and the rewards of genuine love.It shows that people do need each other and that we are all capable of forgiveness. I am told the story was built on real life experiences of a Swiss family. The description and characterization is excellent. At times you can smell the smell of the pine trees and visualize the old log cabin of Grandfather. It takes the reader back to the days before electricity and even before telephones, which in itself provides the reader with an understanding of their place in history.

So there you have it. As you consider some of these items on the list, what one thing would you like to share in the comments to this post?

Linda Kay

Monday, June 22, 2015

Cafe at the Ridge

Our lunch bunch headed out to Kerrville to eat at the Cafe Ridge, where they have not only great food, but a delightful garden area and gift shop. You can buy everything you need for a lovely garden, and lots of little trinkets as well.
This is the front of the menu. Among us we enjoyed chicken fried chicken, chicken fried steak, meatloaf and tilapia with all sorts of fixins like fried green tomatoes, sweet potato fries, and fried cabbage. Sounds like we weren't watching our calories, right?

This is a view of the covered wagon near the entrance.

Huge rocks are placed around gardening areas, adding to the beauty of the flowers.

One of the delightful little items in the gift shop.

Plants were beautiful and most were for sale.

The food was delicious, good waitresses, and fresh breads from the bakery within the facility. And after lunch you can drive back toward Kerrville and stop in at the James Avery Museum and shops to find a beautiful trinket.

I'm disconnecting my technology for the move today, so you won't see me on your comments for a few days. The move to the new house begins this week. I'll post some pictures later on. Have a fabulous week!

Linda Kay

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Storm Clouds Gather

Driving back home from San Antonio, the clouds were gathering for yet another rain, but we thought the sun against the back of these clouds created some beautiful images. Joining in today with Skywatch Friday, even though this is posting on Saturday!

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday and a sunny weekend! Happy Father's Day to all you guys who might be reading this!

Linda Kay

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Mystery #3

Some of you may have followed me in the past for installments on a short story. So last week I started a story here for Fridays for a few weeks, a continuing mystery. We'll see if you can guess the outcome. If you missed the first week's introduction, click here. Then check on my blog last week for the update.

On returning home from church, Gwen found her list of cards issued and the numbers assigned to them. Her job with the church youth group was to order these cards from the grocery chain at a discounted price and sell them to members folks at a full price. Each card issued to her was identified with a number. She quickly found the number assigned to the card Kelly had purchased, and she called Officer Gannon on Monday to relay the number to him.
Officer Gannon stopped by the grocery store later that morning to visit with the store manager.

“I have a number on a store cash card I’d like you to run down for me to see if it has been used here,” he explained to the manager, handing him a piece of paper with the number on it.

“Sure, I’d be glad to do that. If you’ll give me some time, I’ll give you a call later today.”

Later that afternoon, the phone rang on Gannon’s desk. “Gannon here.”

“This is Tom at the store, and I’ve traced that card to a transaction here at the store, actually two separate transactions just a few minutes apart. Since I had the date it was used, I’ve also pulled the video surveillance. If you’ll come down to the store, I’ll share the information with you.

A few minutes later, they watched the video together, and Gannon immediately recognized the woman in the video at the checkout counter at the precise moment the card was used. She had used the card, then gone back into the store to return to make another purchase on the card.

“I’ll need to take this with me for evidence, Tom. Thank you so much for doing this research for me.”

Gannon returned to the police station to discuss his finding with the Sergeant, then drove to the home of the lady on the video.

The mystery will conclude next week.

Linda Kay

Thursday, June 18, 2015

B & B Fence

My hubby and I found this sign pretty amusing and wanted to share it, along with the gateway and fence. Thanks to Theresa for hosting the Good Fences!

The notation under the sign says "back one street, left (can't read the rest)". Wouldn't you be glad the B & B isn't the one behind the sign if you had a reservation? And the sign looks a bit worn.

Linda Kay

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Corn Sheller WWW

Thanks to all who stopped by to join in last Wednesday!

Here's hoping some of you might join me in posting a story with a picture for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.  The challenge is to post a picture, then write a short story or a poem about the picture.  When you have your story written, you can link up for others to read.  Feel free to also add your picture and story to another link of your choice. The link up is on my WWW page here.

Here's my picture story for this week.

Say "hi" to Delmar. In this picture Delmar is about forty years old. From the corn growing in the background, you may have already guessed he is a farmer.

The vehicle he is next to is a corn sheller. So now I need to explain what this contraption is all about.

Many years ago, the field corn was harvested in the ear with a corn picker and stored on the cob in big corn cribs, where it could continue to dry from the harvest. In order to get the corn back out of the corn crib, it was important to have a mechanized way of doing this.

Now Delmar was a very creative and inventive individual. He worked with another man to develop a system of augers that would pull the corn from underneath the crib and into this machine, which would then strip the corn off the cobs. The arm you see on the left of the picture is the spout where the corn would exit into a waiting truck to be taken to market, and the bag on the right was the exit for the chaff and debris. Another spout would send out the cobs into a waiting two-ton truck to be used for other purposes. In the evenings during this season, he would call all his scoopers, truckers, etc., to get them lined up, then be busy maintaining his equipment to be in top-top shape for the three to four hour event. Other farmers hired him for this work, and he eventually had two corn shellers available.

Most of the work with the corn sheller could be done in the off season, so that he could spend the planting and harvesting seasons with his farming. Several years later, Delmar was one of the first to invest in a self-propelled combine that would harvest and shell the corn in the field. And of course he would be for hire to other farmers for this purpose as well. Farming was not always a lucrative business, especially if the farmer was share cropping. Delmar found other resources to provide for his family, which was his greatest source of pride. Yet he was a gentle soul who got tears in his eyes watching a touching scene on Bonaza on a Saturday night. I loved him dearly.....he was my daddy.

Now it's your turn. Got a great picture to tell a story about? Just join in below. Have a wonderful hump day!

Linda Kay 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Stuff

I always enjoy taking part in Good Random Fun on Mondays, as I can sort of share my last week of events. So thanks for hosting this, Tamar.

When we were visiting in Illinois, I took pictures all over the farm, but also was able to take on from my sister-in-law's hutch that I thought you might enjoy. It's interesting these are not all made by the same manufacturer, but so similar in style.

You remember that I'm packing, right? Our move is next week, as we sign for the house a week from tomorrow. You may not see much of me after this week for a bit. As I am cleaning out the garage, I took a picture of the items that are stacked up and ready to move.

Also, since my husband is a pack rat  collector of many items, I took this picture of some old stuff. The one license plate is from South Dakota in 1914! The trailer one is from 1941. Who knows the origin of the hard hat. And the tools ... who knows how old they are?

My first bloom from the hibiscus is open!

And from my Facebook friends... For all of you for whom English is not our native language, I'm sure you can relate to this. English is very hard to learn, so congratulations to you who have done so well with it on the blogs. This is for Janie J-bug.

Have a fabulous week ahead!

Linda Kay

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Soup Tureen

Joining in today with Six Word Saturday:

Porcelain and glass, blue and yellow

Have a lovely weekend, my friends!

Linda Kay

Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Mystery #2

Some of you may have followed me in the past for installments on a short story. So last week I started a story here for Fridays for a few weeks, a continuing mystery. We'll see if you can guess the outcome. If you missed last week's introduction, click here.

Friday Mystery #2

With all the music and dancing at the reception, the theft was put out of everyone’s mind for the time being, and a run to an ATM machine filled wallets and purses again with needed cash. Not only was money missing from the women who were involved in the wedding, but also from the men who were dressing in the men’s room.

The next day speculation began as to who might have taken the money. Members of the wedding party began to look to each other with some suspicion. All were amazed that it could happen in a church, where they felt their purses and wallets were safe in the dressing rooms. One person noted that a gentleman had taken out a baby in a stroller, but most felt he was above reproach.

Kelly went to the police department on Monday to file a report, just in case there may have been other thefts in the town. A report was filed and Officer Gannon interviewed Kelly to get the details of what had happened. She gave him an approximate amount of money for each individual. He indicated that with the church being open and everyone inside for the wedding, there was little they could do to find the perpetrator. But he encouraged Kelly to keep in touch if anything new developed.

On the next Friday, Kelly went to the local grocery story to do her routine shopping, but when she looked for her prepaid grocery card she discovered it missing. She knew there was a considerable amount of money on the card. Could this have been stolen by the same person who took the cash? She wrote a check for her groceries and took them home. Then she called Officer Gannon.

“Where did you get the grocery card?” he asked.

“I bought it from a lady at the church who sells them for the youth group. They get some sort of commission from the sale of the cards.”

“Then I would check with her to see if there is a number on record assigned to your card. If there is, then have her call me.”

On Sunday, Kelly talked to Gwen, who had sold her the card, and she assured her that she would check into it.

Okay, all you mystery lovers. Any ideas yet as to what will happen next? Is there a number to trace, and how would that make a difference?

Have a wonderful weekend. The story continues next Friday.

Linda Kay

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bird on a Fence

It's always fun to try to find something unusual for Theresa's Good Fences, so I took this picture out of the kitchen window at my brother's home on the farm. This lovely little cardinal decided to hop around on the railing of their porch, and I loved the contrast of the white fence and the little bird. The tree across the driveway is a cherry, and it is absolutely loaded with cherries, which will be ready around the end of June in Illinois. The intersection of the two roads is so familiar to me, as I have traveled those roads so many times in my youth. Notice the beautiful green and the alfalfa growing. Time to bale hay. 

Thanks Theresa, always fun to find something new for the meme.

Linda Kay

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Thanks to all who stopped by to join in last Wednesday!

Here's hoping some of you might join me in posting a story with a picture for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.  The challenge is to post a picture, then write a short story or a poem about the picture.  When you have your story written, you can link up for others to read.  Feel free to also add your picture and story to another link of your choice. The link up is on my WWW page here.

Here is my picture for this week. We were driving through the little town of Hico Texas, and found this statue of Billy the Kid. Do you know his story? I'll give you a bit of a synopsis from the Hico folks.

Billy was a notorious outlaw in Texas and New Mexico. Ruidosa, New Mexico claims him, but so does Hico, Texas, where they claim he died.

        There have been many debates, stories, and opinions fostered over the years. Several men stepped forward claiming to be Billy the Kid, stating that Pat Garrett did not shoot and kill the Kid that dark night over a hundred years ago.
        In 1948, probate investigator William V. Morrison went to Florida to clear up an inheritance dispute of a man named Joe Hines. During the interviews, it was determined that Joe Hines was Jesse Evans, a Lincoln County War survivor and an old acquaintance of Billy the Kid. Evans told Morrison that Billy the Kid was not shot by Garrett: the Kid was alive and living in Hamilton County, Texas, as Ollie L. "Brushy Bill" Roberts.
        In June 1949, Morrison visited Brushy Bill. Brushy Bill said he was born William Henry Roberts on December 11, 1859, in Buffalo Gap, Texas. He took the name of his cousin Ollie Roberts after his cousin died. Brushy Bill admitted that he was Billy because he wanted to pursue the pardon Governor Wallace had promised him in 1879, and be pardoned for his crimes before he died.
        On November 15, 1950. Morrison filed for the petition for the pardon promised Billy in 1879.  Thomas J. Mabry, the current governor agreed to a private hearing to be held on November 29th with Morrison, Brushy Bill, and two historians of the Governor's choosing in attendance. The pardon was denied.
        In 2003, Lincoln County, New Mexico officials petitioned to exhume the bodies of the Kid and Brushy Bill as well as the Kid's mother Catherine Antrim for DNA testing.  In September 2004, exhumations were blocked. A flood that occurred decades ago washed away the New Mexico grave.  Ollie "Brushy Bill" Roberts is buried in Hamilton, Texas.
        Without DNA there is little chance that the truth will ever be known.

        There are many reasons to believe that Garrett did not shoot and kill Billy the Kid in July, 1881.  John W. Poe, a deputy U.S. Marshall and a deputy sheriff in the panhandle of Texas was employed by the Canadian River Cattle Association to help put an end to the cattle rustling. He coordinated his efforts with Pat Garrett.  Regarding the shooting of Billy the Kid, Poe has been quoted as saying, "I had felt almost certain that someone whom we did not want had been killed".
        Dan Garrett, Pat Garrett's grandson, (see photo to the right) said his grandfather never killed Billy the Kid. Dan visited the museum here in Hico, Texas.

I took this information from the website for the Hico Texas Billy the Kid Museum. You go to the website by clicking there and watch a short video on Billy.

Now I'm not sure why anyone really wants to claim this outlaw, but it is kind of an interesting story. In New Mexico, there is a building that was supposed to be the jail where Billy escaped and a bullet hole indicates where Pat Garrett shot at him and missed. So to be equal in this debate, here's the website for the Billy the Kid Museum in New Mexico. What do you think?

Now it's your turn. Find a picture and write a short story about your picture and join in. 

Linda Kay

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

One Artsy Weekend

Guess what? It was Friday Night Art Walk in Fredericksburg on Friday night, then we had a Chalk Festival in Kerrville on Saturday. So we had a wonderful weekend of art. So I'm joining in with Josie Two Shoes for Two Shoes Tuesday with "one" and "wonderful" to share some pictures of the beautiful artwork we visited.

We started out at Larry Jackson's to see antiques, artwork and consignments which are always changing in this place. Awesome blues in dishes on display. Just click on the link for a tour of some of his shop, and you might find just the perfect one for your collection.

Then we were on to Hanna Gallery where George H Jones work is on display, and the artist was actually working on a new painting while we watched, sipping our wine. What do you think of this wonderful item?
I'm looking at some yellow items for my kitchen, and found these three on display here as well. Which one do you like best?

We were on to the Fredericksburg Artisans Gallery, where there are many different types of media and crafts. 

We toured a couple of other galleries as well, but I want to get to the Kerrville Chalk Festival. Some of you may have attended on of these in another city, and unfortuantely I didn't get to stay to see some of these completed, as hubby was feeling a little woozy, probably from a reaction to a bug bite or something earlier in the day. He's fine now. Here are a few of these wonderful drawings.

Thanks for hosting, Josie. Your words fit right into my plan for this Tuesday! Hope you all had a great weekend as well.

Linda Kay

Monday, June 8, 2015

It's Monday!

I have some things to share with you on this Monday. Not sure how many, but will include them in Good Random Fun with Tamar.

Don't you just love waterfalls. I took the following two pictures when we stopped by Bass Pro Shops in San Antonio.

The second picture just made me laugh! The fish caught the fisherman!

They have poured the concrete sidewalks and driveway (and slab for hubby's shed)!
Inside the painters are finishing up with the doors and woodwork, and the contractor says he will be finished by the 23rd when we sign for the house. We are really getting excited.

Here's a couple of fun posts from my friends on Facebook.

Hope you have a super fantabulous Monday!
Linda Kay
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