Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Week

It's actually here....Christmas Week! I've mentioned that we are preparing for a community Christmas Dinner at our church, so that is what I'll be about all week.... grocery shopping, decorating and cooking. I'll post some pictures next week of our guests, etc.

Can I brag a bit on my younger daughter (Angel)'s fiance? Brian is just a fabulous guy, a big man with an even bigger heart. He works as a technician for a local heating and cooling business, and during the year he identifies needs for the clients he serves as he services their air conditioners and heating systems. For two years in a row, he has earned a cruise with the company for he and Angel because of his sales. Gotta love this guy!
Granddaughter Lexi bundled up our little Adelyn to go out in the snow in Chicago. The child has two aunties who find the cutest clothes for her. 

Blessings to all for this Christmas weekend approaching. Hug all those family members. I have several friends and acquaintances who have lost loved ones and will not have them for the holidays. 

Linda Kay

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Thoughts and observations

Good morning, indeed! It's almost 60 degrees here in Texas on this Tuesday morning. We've been blessed with some wonderful rain showers and a bit of chilly weather. 

Have you ever reached your point of maxed out with responsibilities? Some of you may know that I am retired from years of accounting as a CPA. When I was asked to help prepare some tax returns for lower income folks here in the community, I signed up back in early October. This morning I attended a meeting of the preparers, and as the leader started describing the amount of study and testing involved to be completed before January 10th, I just put up my hands and said "I can't do it." We are working on a Christmas dinner for those who will spend the holidays alone that requires a lot of planning, and then a lot of time in the kitchen. Our granddaughters are all coming Christmas night to the area, so we will spend the 26th with family, along with several days after. Then we go on a short vacation from Jan 2 - 6th. Whew, I just had no time left. So I volunteered to help fill out the preforms for folks when they come in for help.

I'll be you have been waiting for an update picture on my beautiful little great-granddaughter, who will be here on the 25th.

Hubby harvested a deer on Thanksgiving weekend, so we have a new supply of meat in the freezer.

We are just cool, those of you who share with me in the 40's! Have a blessed week, my friends. 

Linda Kay

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Writing for Contests

I've started writing some shorter entries for a variety of writing contests, and I've been published in an anthology for Creative Writing Institute:

Creative Writing Institute is pleased to present its fourth annual anthology – EXPLAIN!

EXPLAIN! is a compilation of 30 short stories written in different genres using the same theme sentence, "Explain how that happened."

Authors include contest winners, finalists and judge's picks, bestselling authors, previous contest winners, the judges, and Creative Writing Institute staff.

Proceeds from sales of the ebook and print book will benefit Creative Writing Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit charity that sponsors cancer patients in writing courses. The school also provides a variety of writing courses for all levels from beginner to advanced.

In the pages of this, you will find my article "Antics". 

Here's the link to the book on Amazon, available in Kindle and print. 

Have a special week, everyone!

Linda Kay

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Update for Missing Linda Kay

Greetings, my friends. I have been missing in action, and probably will still be somewhat unpredictable. My first problem is that I don't have my glasses prescription yet, following the cataract surgery. It was such a glamorous spectacle (pardon the pun), as you can see.
Today I get my prescription. My left eye was done many years ago, and I still have to have correction for astigmatism. So I've been trying to function, read, write, etc., with one corrected lens for my left, lazy eye, and no lens in the right eye until I can get my prescription and order my glasses. It's been a bit challenging and so much happening!

The really fantastic news is the arrival of my new great did that happen???? A GREAT grandchild. Adelyn Beth lives in Lisle, IL, where her daddy is a dental school student.

This is just one day old. She weighed 8.93#s, and was only 20.5 inches long, so she has such really cute chubby cheeks. 

Daughter Angel is the grandmother, or Mimi as she prefers to be called. Adelyn's mother is Angel's oldest daughter of three, just turned 23 in July.

And here she is at just two weeks in her jeans and North Face vest. 

We get to see her at Christmas for a week, when she makes her first airplane flight to Texas.

Have a wonderful week and a joyous Thanksgiving. I have much to be grateful for, how about you?

Linda Kay

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Animals at the Zoo

Monkey see, monkey do? How about some animals from the zoo?

The giraffes are my favorites. I am so fascinated by those long necks and how they move so gracefully. The Asian elephants at the San Antonio zoo are kind of small compared to African elephants. My hubby loves the bears, but some of them were inside in the caves to keep cool, as it was almost 90 degrees when we were there. Can't blame them!

Here's my post-election comment!

Linda Kay

Monday, November 7, 2016

Birds at the Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo is also in Brackenridge Park and it's really a lovely and natural environment for the critters living there. The Zoo has a great number of birds on display, so I got a couple of photos to share with you. I didn't write down the names, but maybe you can identify them?

I thought this was a really sweet little thing to share with you on this Monday.

Have a special week!

Linda Kay

Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Miscellaneous

I'm setting this post up ahead, as I have cataract surgery on Thursday. I might have a little trouble focusing on the screen until I get new glasses set for the new lens. Amazing things people do. How do you ever acquire the skill to be an eye surgeon???

I've shown you pictures of our purple passion flower, but now one of our red blooms popped open on another plant, so had to share it with you.

I voted already in this most unusual election, but had to share this with you.

We had some tile left over from our previous house. Our fireplace hearth in this house was a plain slab of rock, so I decided it would look much nicer with some tile on it for a finish. This is how it turned out.

Since the tile man would have some extra time, I asked him to also do the front porch. We found the tile we needed and he completed the job the same day. Makes it look much more finished than the raw concrete. I love it.

Have a special weekend in your neck of the woods! 

Linda Kay

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Japanese Garden

Hubby and I decided to spend a little time exploring in San Antonio, so one of our stops was at the Japanese Garden in Brackenridge Park. This park has many amenities, including the Zoo, and I'll show you a few photos from there later. Here are some of the pics from our tour of the Garden. This first one is from the entrance to the park, up a number of steps to the top of a hill.

Inside the gazebo atop the hill. We marveled at all the rock work to create the columns etc.

This was looking down from a walkway at the gardens. Beautiful blue flowers.

It wouldn't be a Japanese Garden without the Koi. There were many colors to enjoy.

Walkway to the waterfall was so restful with the water on both sides and the fish in the ponds.

I had to get a video of the waterfall, to share the sound with you.
Hope you have a wonderful week, my friends. The weather in Texas is still a little warm, in the 80s, but it's beautiful. No complaint! I'll be around to visit y'all today.

Linda Kay

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday Guest Post

I am privileged today to be a guest on Janie Junebug's blog: click on the link to read it. Janie is a friend and the editor of two of my books. We have often talked about my great writers' critique group, so that is the article I have written for Tuesday. Check it out!

Have a great week!

Linda Kay

Friday, October 21, 2016

Class Reunion 2017

Our class from Delavan Community High School meets in our hometown for the annual Alumni Banquet every five years. Next year in June will be our 55th! I have no idea how those years have passed us by. Here's the roster of the class in our small town.

I am third from the right, bottom row.

Center right, bottom row, third from the right of classmates. Our class rep Mr. Hubbs makes it back for our class reunions and is a dear friend to many of us on Facebook. Dorothy Murphy is on the far left, also a class rep, but it has been many years since she could attend. We have lost only two of our classmates: Carl Key and Martha Murphy. 

Some still live in Delavan or in the area, while most of us have moved to places all over the U.S. But when we get together, many of the years fade away. It's nice to have a small class from a small town. 

Thanks for reminiscing with me, my friends. Have a wonderful weekend.

Linda Kay

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

More Silliness

I share with you that the whole political environment in our USA right now is about to put me over the edge. So I dug around to find some things to bring me a smile and am sharing them with you today. Maybe after today I can come up with something with more substance!

#6 is for the Presidential candidates.

Hmmmm, what do you think, guys?

Do we have a prayer that our candidates will read this????

I swear I'm going to get my "train of thought" back soon. I have writing to do!

Linda Kay

Monday, October 17, 2016

Just Silliness

Just a few more days until we hear and see the last of the Presidential debates. Thought I'd share some humor with you.

My older brother, Dan, is due for a second hip replacement in January, so thought this was quite funny.

A great escape sounds like a wonderful idea!

Linda Kay

Friday, October 14, 2016

Last Friday Art Walk

You may recall that every first Friday we enjoy an Art Walk among the art shops here in Fredericksburg. This is as much a social event as it is artistic, as we usually spend a good deal of time visiting with friends and neighbors sipping our wine and nibbling on snacks. I took a few snaps of ones that were intriguing and some find work by local artisans.

At Larry Jackson Art and Antiques

At Hanna Gallery, also featuring work by MaryNell Dance

Insight Gallery

One of my favorites, so perfect in the detail, at Insight

Adorable work at River Rustic

At the Artisans - won a ribbon at the Mesquite Show.

And a thought to leave you with on this Friday...

Have a wonderful weekend, this middle of October!

Linda Kay

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Farm Dangers

My younger brother still farms, raising corn and soybeans, on the farm where I grew up. He also farms for a number of other folks, so his fall is very busy with harvest. This year he is pretty much ahead of schedule, just having some soybeans to harvest yet. Yields are good, but prices are down....go figure!

Two years ago, his hired man was driving one of the combines in the field and noticed a spark of fire coming from the back of the machine. He jumped off in time to avoid being caught up in an explosion that left the combine looking like this:

On a brighter note, this was our sunrise on our way to the Wellness Center to exercise:

Have a great Wednesday!

Linda Kay

Monday, October 10, 2016

Signs of Fall at HEB

The huge grocery chain here in Texas is the HEB, where I shop every week for nearly all my groceries. I usually make the trip on Friday, but I like to make sure I have plenty of time to wander down the aisles. Do you ever look at some of the stuff on the shelves and think, "Who uses that?" Outside the HEB, guess what is on display?

Down the road on 290 East of town is this wonderful place called "Wild Seed Farms", and this is one filed on display.

The temperature is cooling down, and we are supposed to get a bit of rain as well. Nice to have a break in the heat. Have a happy week!

Linda Kay
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