Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Ramblings

Do you have a new adult coloring book? It's the newest recommendation for stress relief, and my sweet grandson got me one for Christmas, along with a set of colored pencils. The drawings in the book are so intricate that pencils is the only solution to coloring, as crayons would be too big. Here are a couple of my "masterpieces".

Similar to a puzzle, it's hard to walk away from a page until you have it completed, so I'm not sure that it doesn't ADD stress to your day. ;-)

Good news that my older brother, Dan, is now recovering from his hip surgery. For some reason he had terrible pain after the second day from surgery, and has had a challenging time getting moving in the therapy. His arthritis had been so painful before and he had hoped for relief. He's on the road to recovery, now has two knees and a shoulder as well as the hip replaced. Mr. Bionic Man.

The new shed is now wired for lights and outlets, so we can call the city to inspect it and take down our "permit" sign. We also had them put up an additional outside light for the patio area. I think we are done with the electrician. Next project is to finish the fencing and have the two trees brought in.

I've been busy with my crocheting project to make this shawl. I've had the pattern forever, but finally got the yarn and tackled it. 

We finally have our bird feeders up, and guess who came to visit?
I'll leave you with this bit of wisdom for a Friday. Today we are loading up our car to help our good friends Larry and Judy move some of the more delicate things to their new house in New Braunfels. We are happy to help them, but not happy that they are leaving us....but only an hour away.
Joining in today with Willy Nilly Friday 5 and Five on Friday. Thanks for hosting, ladies!

Linda Kay
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