Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday Outdoors

On January 2, some friends joined us in visiting a couple of the myriad of wineries near Fredericksburg...the Texas Wine Trail. When you click on the link, you will see that traveling East from Fredericksburg toward Johnson City, there are many stops for wine tastings. All kinds of transportation is available from town for a pretty nominal fee, so one has a designated driver. Since we only visited two, we could drive ourselves. ;-)

The first one we visited was Barons Creek Vineyards, which is really very new to the area. Three brothers (Chase) and their wives designed and built it, along with two sets of townhouses to rent for B & Bs. 
I took this picture in the rain. It was raining and about 40 degrees, but the winery is quite beautiful inside, and they have great plans for the future. Some of the wines were good...liked the Pinot Noir, and hubby liked the Crazy Train red.

From here we journeyed on to Grape Creek Vineyards, which also has a tasting room in town on Main Street. A couple of their wines were not available, and we were not as enthused about the wines as we were at Barons Creek. They do have a lovely setting, had a band playing, and also serve food there.

You can see from the photos that it was still raining. But we bundled up and forged ahead.

I saw this picture on Facebook of the roller coaster ride at Six Flags outside of St. Louis and am thinking of Mike at Billions of Versions of Normal. He has water rising all around him. 
I'm joining in with Susan at asoutherndaydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday. Thanks for hosting!

Linda Kay

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