Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cave Creek church

I attend a very large Lutheran Church (Holy Ghost Lutheran) here in Fredericksburg, TX., and we have partnered with a little country church at Cave Creek. The link will take you to the history of St. Paul's. My hubby and I took a little drive, about half an hour away, to have a look. Here are the pictures I took to share with you.

 This is the entrance into the church yard from HWY 1631. It's very windy in this wide open space.
A closer view

The cemetery in the traditional German style of "boxing in" the grave stone.

Especially sad, the Children's Area.

Very old headstones on both of these graves.

Inside, the church is very quaint with wooden pews and beautiful stained glass windows. Its congregation is made of largely by land owners and ranchers in the Hill Country, who want to preserve the history of their ancestors. 

Have a special day

Linda Kay

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