Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday at Random

Friday is always a time for thinking about the past week, right? So I join in with Five on Friday (Amy) and Willy Nilly Friday 5 (Tanya) 

1. I mentioned on Monday that our friends were coming by from Illinois on their way back home from a month in Tucson.  They left us Wednesday morning with about 18 hours of driving ahead of them. Always nice to get together with friends, near or far.

2. Had to show this gas price in Texas. It's great for us for traveling in the car, but it's not good for Texas' economy!

3. This little cartoon is for all you ladies out there with chickens and animals on the farm/ranch.

4.  Hubby and his friend finished the fence on the side of the shed between our neighbor Roger and us. He has a fence as well, and there is about two feet between the fences. We didn't want to shut Roger out completely, so they kept the fence lower for about six feet so they hubby and Roger could talk over the fence. He loved it. Our main purpose is just to keep Polly in and the critters out, so it works out great. The gate is yet to be completed, so a piece of plywood serves as the current barrier on the corner of the house. Now I just need to get the doors painted.

5. My son and daughter in law gave us a special gift for Christmas: Wine in January, Cheese in February, and meal fixin's for March. The wine arrived, a shiraz and a chardonnay. We haven't opened them as yet.

And just a special entry for Skywatch Friday: This was taken from my front sidewalk, sunset in Texas.

Have a special weekend, my friends. Be sure to check out the other entries for these memes.

Linda Kay

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