Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Unusual Blooms

Sometimes we get blooms when we least expect them. I have a cutting from a plant that was on my neighbor's front porch. It was broken off accidentally in her moving. So I stuck it in some soil with some root simulator, and we began to see this flower emerge. Does someone know what it might be?

My hubby took our large aloe plant into his shed to protect it from frost. Now it has this huge spikey bloom emerging. Here are a couple of pictures.

The closeup of one of the blooms looks to be about to open, so I'll post a picture when and if it does spread open. The shed is pretty warm in the afternoon, as it get sun through the window on the west side. It thinks it's in a green house!

I'll look forward to an identity on the orange flower. It's Ash Wednesday already, with Easter just six weeks away. Have a blessed day.

Linda Kay

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