Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Thoughts to Share

Our week was a little less hectic than last. I even had some time to get some writing accomplished! That's a good thing. My friend Sally sends all of us in our writers' group possibilities for entries in writing contests, so I'm trying to get a couple of them together. It's a fun diversion from my next book, where I need some time to think ahead before I write.

1. Daughter #2 is finishing up a course in Event Planning online. She needed a structure for a backdrop at weddings and events, so enlisted my hubby for the project. He created this framework. The "feet" are removable just by taking out a couple of bolts, but it is really not so heavy that she won't be able to leave it assembled. Her first project is for Daughter #1's birthday in a couple of weeks. The idea is to have black curtains, then have people take "selfies" and post them to Facebook. Should be fun. Looks like our back patio needs a bit of cleanup!

The new vines planted along our fence in the backyard are blooming, even before the leaves come back out. It's been very warm and they get the sun in the west.
The Honeysuckle are on the left, Carolina Jasmine on the right. The center vine is a White Star Jasmine, not yet in bloom. The pheasant is not real, just metal.

Designer daughter (#2) also created this hanger for her jewelry, maybe found it on her favorite site Pinterest. She probably found the frame at a thrift shop, I'm guessing.

Since the weather has been so favorably warm and springy, I couldn't resits a tomato plant and basil plant. Notice the tomato plant already has a bloom!

This cute little picture and quote reminded me of all of my friends in Bloogerville!

Have a wonderful Friday, my friends. Joining in today with Willy Nilly Friday 5 and Five on Friday. Thanks to Tanya and Amy.

Linda Kay
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