Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WWW - At War

Welcome back to Wednesday Wit and Wisdom. You will find all about this meme and the instructions hereThe purpose of this link up is to help us share some stories we might have milling about in our minds as we look at particular photos.  Many of us have mentioned that we could "write a story" about a photo of a barn, an old store, or an abandoned residence we have found or shown to others. I thought it would be fun to find a photo and write a short story.  You can add a bit of "wit" or "wisdom" if you like. Give it a try and join in!

Here's my picture(s) for this week, an Army Medical camp in Saudi Arabia:

For my daughter Heidi's 50th birthday (how did that happen), I was assigned finding pictures and setting up a video for her party last Saturday night. Heidi joined ROTC in college to pay for her education, then gave a number of years back in service to our country. Shortly after she graduated from college in 1988, she was sent to Desert Storm. I have to say her time there for four months was the longest four months of my life! In the pictures below, Heidi is the pretty blonde (I'm not prejudiced) with shoulder-length hair. 

There were many stories to share about her time there, from her carrying her huge back pack to living in the desert in tents. She celebrated a birthday while she was there, and her friends arranged to go to a Bedouin camp to eat mutton and rice. They were not allowed to show their feet, so sat on their heals around the food on the floor mat in front of them. Another time, she was walking in Saudi Arabia with a male soldier. The police stopped them, and talking to the man, had Heidi put a cover over her very blonde hair. She was so tanned and her hair bleached from the sun.

In all the time there, the nurses and doctors treated only Iraqi soldiers (their camp was just twelve miles from the Iraq border in Saudi Arabia). Heidi stayed in the military for a total of 12 years, and met her husband, who was completing his residency in oral surgery. Folks who serve in the military together have a great bond. For Heidi's birthday, a number of her nursing friends traveled from all over the U.S. to help her celebrate. It was a fun time.

As you read this today, say a little prayer for those who are still serving in the military, especially those overseas and in great danger. And stop to thank those who have made sacrifices to serve in the past.Thank you, Vets!

Got a picture that leads to a story in your life? Be sure to link in and share it. I look forward to reading your stories and poems.

Linda Kay

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