Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Welcome back to Wednesday Wit and Wisdom. You will find all about this meme and the instructions hereThe purpose of this link up is to help us share some stories we might have milling about in our minds as we look at particular photos.  Many of us have mentioned that we could "write a story" about a photo of a barn, an old store, or an abandoned residence we have found or shown to others. I thought it would be fun to find a photo and write a short story.  You can add a bit of "wit" or "wisdom" if you like. Give it a try and join in!

I had to laugh when I saw this on Facebook on a day when I wasn't particularly in the mood to deal with anything or could have been my picture. 

We are not the same furry creatures as the one in the photo, but we do sometimes face days when we just don't want to be bothered. Last Saturday, I was getting started with my cleaning, and always start in the master bath for some unknown reason. Anyway, hubby kept walking in there (like he belonged there!) to take his pills, to brush his teeth, to use the commode, to shave, etc., etc. He had an obligation later that morning, so I just stayed out of the way until he left. Grrrrr! How stupid is that? So how did I get myself out of this crazy funk and shape up?

First I took a Zyrtec, as my allergies were flared up from the rain and pollen. I drank two cups of coffee and ate some breakfast. Then I read my Max Lucado morning devotion. Max always hits the nail on the head with the random readings. While hubby was out at his volunteering, I finished the housework I needed to get done, washed some clothes, and finally put on some makeup and combed my hair. Pulled myself up by the bootstraps, so to speak, before he came back. I felt much more civil by this time. 

My friend suffers from depression, and she is always having her medication changed when she can't seem to get back. She might avoid people, spend a lot of time crying, and generally feeling low. Having just one morning of feeling blue with the rain coming down and the sunshine hidden by the clouds, I can't imagine struggling against this on an ongoing basis. I've made it a point to not just send her a text or call her on the phone, but stopping by or inviting her to an outing. God bless each of you who might be suffering from depression. 

Now it's your turn. Got a picture that sparks a story or a thought you might want to share? Post your picture, write the story or poem, then come back and join in with us here.

Linda Kay
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