Friday, April 29, 2016

Gruene TX

We visited some friends in New Braunfels last weekend, and drove to the little town of Gruene (pronounced green). Gruene has some delightful shops and a dance hall. Our first stop was at the Gristmill for lunch, where we were entertained by music as we waited.

They had an unusual way to call folks for their table. Outside was a huge chalkboard where someone wrote the names and table numbers when ready. Hosts and hostesses stood in front of the blackboard to take patrons to their tables.

The food was wonderful. We enjoyed sandwiches and iced tea/water. I got a couple of pictures of the old building and a white star jasmine climbing up a wall near us.

After lunch, we peeked into the bar and dancehall, where music and people are hoppin' so to speak on the weekends.

Had a beautiful weekend with some dear friends. If you are out and about in the area, be sure to make a trip to Gruene!

Have a happy weekend, and I'll see you on Monday!
Linda Kay
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