Friday, April 22, 2016

Llano Fine Arts

If you follow my blog, you will already know I love to wander through art museums. My good friend Barbara from my writer's group is also an artist, and she and some artist friends had a showing in Llano, TX.

In Llano, there is a fabulous BBQ place called Cooper's. They have huge outdoor grills going, and one just has to walk in and find an item that addresses your hungry tummy. This is what hubby chose:
I settled on BBQ Chicken, and let me tell you it was so fabulous, as was the rib eye.

We found the Fine Arts building, right next door to a cute little antique shop:

I'll share a few of the photos I took of some of the exhibits. We had some wine and appetizers as we wandered through all the displays. There were some outstanding pieces of art, including my friend Barbara's:  Doesn't this look French?

Pretty roses on a picket fence

For my cat loving friends out there.

And this pretty and friendly kitty was on the sidewalk near our car. I finally got her to pose for me.

And finally, on our drive home, I couldn't resist taking just one more picture of the beautiful wildflowers along the Texas roads. These are indian paintbrush and indian blanket flowers. There are a few bluebonnets mixed in, but the orange is really beautiful.

Have a good weekend!
Linda Kay
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