Friday, April 15, 2016


On Thursday last, hubby and I decided to spend the day on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, well part of the day at least. I have some special photos to share next week, but will give you just a taste of this beautiful area on this Friday at random, sharing with Five on Friday and Willy Nilly Friday 5.

This is looking back toward a street overpass through the beautiful flowers and cypress trees.
Lots of ducks in the water.
Sculpture near the Western Art Museum - remember this is cowboy country!

Carson came to spend a couple of days with us this weekend, and we had a science project to start on to help his mom out.
You can't see all of these, but the idea is the sun to the left and all the planets suspended from the top of the box. Jupiter is the largest. Carson uses an acronym to remember them. They will add some constellations and moons to the box before it's complete, then he has to do a presentation to the class.

This is a huge example of a live oak tree, growing near the Alamo. They tend to take on very mysterious shapes as they grow.

Another one of our cactus has a beautiful bloom. So unusual.

And here's my wish for you this weekend. 

Linda Kay
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