Friday, April 8, 2016

The Friday Collection

Friday rolls around really fast, doesn't it? I'm linking in with Willy Nilly Friday 5 and Five on Friday to share a few things with you, my faithful readers.

1. My brother, God love him, is always trying something new. He is a fabulous woodworker, very artistic, a retired minister, and now a gardener and sometimes a cook. When I talked to him last, he asked me "Guess what we are having for supper?" I had no idea, but knew it was going to be something gross. It was! He had dressed out and cooked a 'possum!

He mentioned that he and his wife had made so po-boys from the meat and it was delicious. He had added some special spices and such. My comment: It has a tale like a rat! Ugh!

2. The hummingbirds are back! We had set out our humming bird feeders some time ago, and now they are here and enjoying the nectar. I had to share with you this picture on Facebook. This wasn't one of our hummers.

3. Last week I mentioned collections. This little knick knack shelf is in the hallway by my office and contains lots of little collectibles, most from hubby's mom that he can't part with.

Two items on the top shelf are old Avon bottles, one a lantern and one a telephone replica. The little pink bowl in the front on the second shelf is from my Aunt Florence, and the cup and saucer at the bottom are from my Aunt Dorothy. The blue bottle is Evening in Paris perfume. These all make me smile. Any look familiar to you?

4. Last Saturday was book signing day in San Antonio with the Writer's League of Texas.
These are always fun because of the interaction with other authors, but usually not very productive. I was part of the Writer's League of Texas table.

5. Just reminiscing about the old days. What do you remember that was just part of your normal life 'back in the day?' 

Have a really happy Friday, my friends. See you on Monday!
Linda Kay

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