Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Time for Redirection

Dear friends, I need to tell you a story.

Several years ago, my church purchased a house on the far corner of the block where the church and fellowship hall are built. At the time there were thoughts of restoring it and using it for church ministries, but years have passed with no action.

A couple of months ago, driving past the house, the idea came to me of converting it to a group home for sober living (or a halfway house) for women recovering from alcohol (or drug) addiction. The house is ideally located between a grocery store and the downtown area, where in this tourist town many jobs are available. In the city we also have many opportunities for additional support financially and with counseling. We took a tour of the house, and my engineer hubby is drawing up prospective plans. It needs serious work.

We are challenged with first overcoming any stereotype with our church council members for permission to move ahead. At a meeting recently we were given the go ahead to clean out the house (lots of furniture and old stuff) and get pricing together on the repairs. When we return on June 12th, we will find out if we have the support to proceed to the city zoning folks for approval, then the city council as well. In the meantime, I am doing research to set up a budget for the ongoing efforts and the rules and regulations for the residents.

Sound like a lot of work and time? It is. So I am taking a break from blogging to devote my time to this. I do have a team of folks to help, but bottom line, it's my vision. We will be spending a good deal of time on this before we even know whether we will be allowed to reclassify this house in the old historical section of the city. Any prayers you can send my way will be appreciated, for those of you who are prayer warriors. 

There is so much need to help alcoholics and addicts make their way back to "normal living". This home will be for women only. We don't have a name for the house as yet, so if something jumps into your mind, I welcome your ideas. My pastor is all about reaching out into the community in service, and he has done a fabulous job so far guiding us through the process. 

After we get through June 12th, we will begin all the layout of information and application to the city zoning board and city council. If we get the city approval, then we will start fund-raising efforts. But we (hubby and I) have a three week driving trip coming up as well later in June. I'll jump in occasionally to comment on your blogs and maybe post an update as we progress. Thanks for your prayers and support!

I sometimes wonder about this:
Linda Kay

Monday, May 23, 2016

Blue Door

I saw this picture on the Internet, and thought of our Blue Monday. If you love blue, be sure to check out Jeanne's website at Backyard Neighbor.

Not only is the blue so beautiful, but the combination with the bougainvillea is amazing! 

For those of you who follow me and also post on Wednesdays with a story, there will be no Wednesday Wit and Wisdom for a while. I'll post on Wednesday to tell you more about the pause on my blog.

Have a wonderful Monday and a great week.

Linda Kay

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Reflections

I've finally laid out some plans for my new book, so am feeling energetic about it. I may have to take some time away from the blog to be able to think creatively, but I'll let you know. 

Last week I showed you the changes from the West side of our yard from when we first finished the planting beds. So today, I'll share the East side. Many of the plants are still very small, so not so identifiable, but I'm sure that is going to change in the upcoming months.

Before (Notice the fence isn't finished because of the bobcat, etc., and the tree is also not in place as yet.

On the trellis - Carolina Jasmine, White Star Jasmine, and a Reisling grape vine.
There are a number of plants in here, including Pride of Barbados, lantana, plumbago, daisies, purple spire, and some I don't know. Note the Red Crepe Myrtle from last week stands at the end of the rocks to the right.

Mother's day was great, as I received two bunches of flowers, one wild flowers and the other from HEB.

Anyone familiar with this kind of spinach. I planted it from a seed packet, supposed to be some sort of climbing spinach. Interesting to watch it grow, you think?

On Sunday we had the privilege of attending a musical presentation by Emile Pandolfi on the grand piano at a local church. He kind of reminded me of Victor Borge, as he inserted some funny thoughts and jokes in between songs. But he wasn't quite as crazy as Borge. Very beautiful way to spend a couple of hours. I have never seen hands move so quickly.

Go to YouTube to select more of his performances. So wonderful.
And in case you don't remember, here is Victor Borge. There are lots of very funny videos on YouTube of Victor. He used to make me laugh till I cried.

Have a special weekend, my friends.

Linda Kay

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's Wednesday!

Welcome back to Wednesday Wit and Wisdom. You will find all about this meme and the instructions hereThe purpose of this link up is to help us share some stories we might have milling about in our minds as we look at particular photos.  Many of us have mentioned that we could "write a story" about a photo of a barn, an old store, or an abandoned residence we have found or shown to others. I thought it would be fun to find a photo and write a short story.  You can add a bit of "wit" or "wisdom" if you like. Give it a try and join in!
Some of you out there have lots of great memories of camping in your travel trailer. We had a trailer at one time and a big pick up truck to pull it down the highway. While we had our trailer we were in a couple of dangerous high wind situations and had tornadoes pass on two sides of us while we huddled in a concrete block restroom with 40 other campers, dogs and kids. Not such a treasure of an experience. And then there was this:

We packed our trailer, hitched it to our truck, grabbed our two small dogs, and drove from Texas to Minnesota for a wedding. While there, my husband contracted pneumonia. Armed with drugs for him, I elected to drive home. No reception, no wedding. We stopped in a parking lot in Iowa for the night. Two-hour stretches the next day and quick stops led us into Texas by ten that night. Thick traffic surrounded me in Dallas as our precious caravan crept through, almost home. He remembers nothing. An angel rode beside me to keep us safe.

I could give you many more details of this trip, but suffice it to say it was one of the most harrowing of my life. It's your turn. Got a picture that reminds you of a story. Write it up and post it to your blog, then come back and join me here to share it with others. 

Linda Kay

Monday, May 16, 2016

Through the Doorway

I thought you might enjoy seeing this picture of my nephew and his wife, as they were all decked out for the Kentucky Derby.

Then for all of us who go from one room into another and can't remember what we came for, this was posted on Facebook.
Aren't you relieved? Now we know why when we walk back through the doorway, we can remember what we forgot when we go back through the door! Linking today with Backyard Neighbor for Blue Monday. Thanks for hosting, Jeanne.

Linda Kay

Friday, May 13, 2016

Crochet, Plant, Sunset

Oh, for a title on this Friday post. So it's a little of this, a little of than for Five on Friday and Willy Nilly Friday 5. Thanks for hosting ladies!

This Red Crepe Myrtle tree needs to go 

in this hole. The problem is the rocks and clay dirt! Hubby is digging and digging, breaking up rocks as he goes and avoiding the water line there on the edge of the hole. In our neck of the woods, digging down a few inches runs into rocks that have to be busted up and removed to get to soil that will allow a plant of any kind to grow. But they do, so I'll share a picture when the tree finally gets into the ground.

Before and after:

There are really two trees in line, the front is a desert willow, and behind the shed is a Chinese Pistache, the grass is green and looking healthy, and trellises line the fence. I can't even begin to tell you what all the new plants are, except for the Carolina Jasmine, White star jasmine and honeysuckle on the first trellis. Our yard is coming along!

I think I've mentioned my project to make layettes for Lutheran World Relief. So just finished this blanket and jacket and cap. Those of you crocheters out there might enjoy the little squares. 

I don't know what causes it, but there is nothing that quite compares to sunsets in Texas. I guess it could be the atmosphere in general, but isn't this just stunning? The pink clouds reached all the way across from west to east, reflecting the sun.

Thought I'd share this with all my friends born in the 40s. 

Have a very special weekend! We aren't even going to acknowledge the date today.

Linda Kay

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Welcome back to Wednesday Wit and Wisdom. You will find all about this meme and the instructions hereThe purpose of this link up is to help us share some stories we might have milling about in our minds as we look at particular photos.  Many of us have mentioned that we could "write a story" about a photo of a barn, an old store, or an abandoned residence we have found or shown to others. I thought it would be fun to find a photo and write a short story.  You can add a bit of "wit" or "wisdom" if you like. Give it a try and join in!

In our park, the Marktplatz (Market Square), this statue of John Meusebach and the Comanche chief is displayed for its unique significance in Texas history. 

I share with you this quote from an article here about the Fredericksburg history of Germany immigrants and the Comanche:

During the negotiations which began on March 1, and ended on the following day, Meusebach’s lack of prejudice toward the Indians, a view seldom shared by most whites, was reflected in his opening words to the assembled chiefs. “I do not disdain my red brethren because their skin is darker, and I do not think more of the white people because their complexion is lighter.” Meusebach also stressed that his people were neither Texan nor Mexican, two peoples the Comanches hated the most. Even more important than his words, however, were the terms of peace offered by the former German baron.

Fredericksburg and Texas history are rich in stories of immigration, conflict and struggles for freedom. My purpose in sharing this with you is to reflect on our current difficulties in working toward peace in our world of immigration, conflict and struggles. There is no enemy more formidable than these Comanche for the German immigrants who came to town. Differences in beliefs and intent give fuel to disagreements and wars. But there must be ways to arrive at a common ground. Meusebach and the Comancheria found this and lived lives in peace. A great example for our leaders today.

Now it's your turn. Find a picture with meaning for you? Write up your thoughts in a story or a poem and share here with us for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.

Linda Kay

Monday, May 9, 2016

Blue Monday

Monday, Monday. Polly has taken over the blue afghan on the couch. We have to fold it so she can gather it up under her for sleeping. So funny.

And this for your Monday chuckle from Facebook

Be sure to see other entries for Blue Monday with Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor. Thanks for hosting, Jeanne.

Have a wonderful Monday and a great week ahead.

Linda Kay

Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Review

Joining in today with Five on Friday and Willy Nilly Friday 5 to share some pictures and comments from this past week. Thanks for hosting, ladies!

This was a week of birthdays. May 2 is my granddaughter Macy's birthday...just turned 20! Yikes, how does that happen? Macy is a St. Louis Cardinals fan and loves bike and auto racing. She is a sophomore in college and works at a child-care facility.

On Wednesday Carson turned 9. You have seen him on the blog many times in his baseball and football games. If you saw pictures of his dad at this age, it would be like twins.

And last but not least, my hubby had a birthday on Thursday. I can't even describe how much he means to me. He's the best!

We have been watching our very tall cactus bloom, waiting for it to open. A neighbor stopped by to let us know they have been watching it as they go around our corner. 

Up Close

From the driveway - the twisted leaf yucca

The students in the schools here in South Central Texas will be taking the STAAR Tests this week for the government to study and to determine their skill levels (sigh). Many of the schools no longer teach cursive writing. I found this little quote (I have no idea from whom) and thought I'd share it with you.

Have a wonderful Friday and a happy weekend. I'm going to check out the movies to see if anything is on worthwhile. They are having an Indie film festival here in Fredericksburg this week, showing the talents of some folks who haven't yet made it to the big time. We have a potluck to go to tonight, and I am bringing some sort of appetizer. Hmmmm.

Linda Kay

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Welcome back to Wednesday Wit and Wisdom. You will find all about this meme and the instructions hereThe purpose of this link up is to help us share some stories we might have milling about in our minds as we look at particular photos.  Many of us have mentioned that we could "write a story" about a photo of a barn, an old store, or an abandoned residence we have found or shown to others. I thought it would be fun to find a photo and write a short story.  You can add a bit of "wit" or "wisdom" if you like. Give it a try and join in!

Here's my picture for today...

I'm a Texas spiny lizard, or so I'm told. My name is Amanda. At the moment, I'm exhausted from all this digging. The people who live in the big house behind me have put out some cactus and this wonderful red granite. Right now, the lady is doing something with a little box, and I'll try to stay very still until she goes away. 

I've been working at digging this hole so I can lay my eggs in an area where the sun won't be as hot for my babies. When I'm finished, I'll cover it all up, and no one will know the difference. Since the dirt will be soft, they will be able to find their way out when they are hatched.

Since the humans have lots of plants, there are plenty of insects for me to eat. I can run pretty fast if anything comes around me, like the little black and white animal living in the house. It can't catch me. There are also some trees to climb in case of an emergency. The trees are a cool refuge for me from the hot sun. 

Now it's your turn. Got a picture for a story or a poem. Join in and post it on your blog, then come back here to share with others. By the way, today is my Grandson Carson's birthday! 9 years did that happen?

Linda Kay

Monday, May 2, 2016

White Bluff RVers

When we lived at White Bluff in Whitney Texas, we were part of a camping group who ventured out in the Spring and the Fall for a road trip. We have parted with our travel trailer, but have retained these awesome friends, who invite us to join them at a cabin or hotel near the RV park. This Spring, they planned their trip to Lady Bird Park in Fredericksburg, so they were in our back yard, so to speak. Here's the ladies of the bunch...

We enjoyed potlucks, shopping and lots of laughs with these dear friends.

Doesn't this just say it all???

Have a great week.
Linda Kay
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