Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Time for Redirection

Dear friends, I need to tell you a story.

Several years ago, my church purchased a house on the far corner of the block where the church and fellowship hall are built. At the time there were thoughts of restoring it and using it for church ministries, but years have passed with no action.

A couple of months ago, driving past the house, the idea came to me of converting it to a group home for sober living (or a halfway house) for women recovering from alcohol (or drug) addiction. The house is ideally located between a grocery store and the downtown area, where in this tourist town many jobs are available. In the city we also have many opportunities for additional support financially and with counseling. We took a tour of the house, and my engineer hubby is drawing up prospective plans. It needs serious work.

We are challenged with first overcoming any stereotype with our church council members for permission to move ahead. At a meeting recently we were given the go ahead to clean out the house (lots of furniture and old stuff) and get pricing together on the repairs. When we return on June 12th, we will find out if we have the support to proceed to the city zoning folks for approval, then the city council as well. In the meantime, I am doing research to set up a budget for the ongoing efforts and the rules and regulations for the residents.

Sound like a lot of work and time? It is. So I am taking a break from blogging to devote my time to this. I do have a team of folks to help, but bottom line, it's my vision. We will be spending a good deal of time on this before we even know whether we will be allowed to reclassify this house in the old historical section of the city. Any prayers you can send my way will be appreciated, for those of you who are prayer warriors. 

There is so much need to help alcoholics and addicts make their way back to "normal living". This home will be for women only. We don't have a name for the house as yet, so if something jumps into your mind, I welcome your ideas. My pastor is all about reaching out into the community in service, and he has done a fabulous job so far guiding us through the process. 

After we get through June 12th, we will begin all the layout of information and application to the city zoning board and city council. If we get the city approval, then we will start fund-raising efforts. But we (hubby and I) have a three week driving trip coming up as well later in June. I'll jump in occasionally to comment on your blogs and maybe post an update as we progress. Thanks for your prayers and support!

I sometimes wonder about this:
Linda Kay
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