Friday, May 13, 2016

Crochet, Plant, Sunset

Oh, for a title on this Friday post. So it's a little of this, a little of than for Five on Friday and Willy Nilly Friday 5. Thanks for hosting ladies!

This Red Crepe Myrtle tree needs to go 

in this hole. The problem is the rocks and clay dirt! Hubby is digging and digging, breaking up rocks as he goes and avoiding the water line there on the edge of the hole. In our neck of the woods, digging down a few inches runs into rocks that have to be busted up and removed to get to soil that will allow a plant of any kind to grow. But they do, so I'll share a picture when the tree finally gets into the ground.

Before and after:

There are really two trees in line, the front is a desert willow, and behind the shed is a Chinese Pistache, the grass is green and looking healthy, and trellises line the fence. I can't even begin to tell you what all the new plants are, except for the Carolina Jasmine, White star jasmine and honeysuckle on the first trellis. Our yard is coming along!

I think I've mentioned my project to make layettes for Lutheran World Relief. So just finished this blanket and jacket and cap. Those of you crocheters out there might enjoy the little squares. 

I don't know what causes it, but there is nothing that quite compares to sunsets in Texas. I guess it could be the atmosphere in general, but isn't this just stunning? The pink clouds reached all the way across from west to east, reflecting the sun.

Thought I'd share this with all my friends born in the 40s. 

Have a very special weekend! We aren't even going to acknowledge the date today.

Linda Kay
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