Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Reflections

I've finally laid out some plans for my new book, so am feeling energetic about it. I may have to take some time away from the blog to be able to think creatively, but I'll let you know. 

Last week I showed you the changes from the West side of our yard from when we first finished the planting beds. So today, I'll share the East side. Many of the plants are still very small, so not so identifiable, but I'm sure that is going to change in the upcoming months.

Before (Notice the fence isn't finished because of the bobcat, etc., and the tree is also not in place as yet.

On the trellis - Carolina Jasmine, White Star Jasmine, and a Reisling grape vine.
There are a number of plants in here, including Pride of Barbados, lantana, plumbago, daisies, purple spire, and some I don't know. Note the Red Crepe Myrtle from last week stands at the end of the rocks to the right.

Mother's day was great, as I received two bunches of flowers, one wild flowers and the other from HEB.

Anyone familiar with this kind of spinach. I planted it from a seed packet, supposed to be some sort of climbing spinach. Interesting to watch it grow, you think?

On Sunday we had the privilege of attending a musical presentation by Emile Pandolfi on the grand piano at a local church. He kind of reminded me of Victor Borge, as he inserted some funny thoughts and jokes in between songs. But he wasn't quite as crazy as Borge. Very beautiful way to spend a couple of hours. I have never seen hands move so quickly.

Go to YouTube to select more of his performances. So wonderful.
And in case you don't remember, here is Victor Borge. There are lots of very funny videos on YouTube of Victor. He used to make me laugh till I cried.

Have a special weekend, my friends.

Linda Kay
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