Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Welcome back to Wednesday Wit and Wisdom. You will find all about this meme and the instructions hereThe purpose of this link up is to help us share some stories we might have milling about in our minds as we look at particular photos.  Many of us have mentioned that we could "write a story" about a photo of a barn, an old store, or an abandoned residence we have found or shown to others. I thought it would be fun to find a photo and write a short story.  You can add a bit of "wit" or "wisdom" if you like. Give it a try and join in!

Here's my picture for today...

I'm a Texas spiny lizard, or so I'm told. My name is Amanda. At the moment, I'm exhausted from all this digging. The people who live in the big house behind me have put out some cactus and this wonderful red granite. Right now, the lady is doing something with a little box, and I'll try to stay very still until she goes away. 

I've been working at digging this hole so I can lay my eggs in an area where the sun won't be as hot for my babies. When I'm finished, I'll cover it all up, and no one will know the difference. Since the dirt will be soft, they will be able to find their way out when they are hatched.

Since the humans have lots of plants, there are plenty of insects for me to eat. I can run pretty fast if anything comes around me, like the little black and white animal living in the house. It can't catch me. There are also some trees to climb in case of an emergency. The trees are a cool refuge for me from the hot sun. 

Now it's your turn. Got a picture for a story or a poem. Join in and post it on your blog, then come back here to share with others. By the way, today is my Grandson Carson's birthday! 9 years did that happen?

Linda Kay

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