Monday, July 25, 2016

It's Hot in Texas

I changed my header to reflect the current state of weather in Texas. It's Sunday afternoon as I write this, and it's in the 90's, but also humid for some amazing reason. Actually there is a lot of water in the creeks and rivers still from all the rain in the Spring, so maybe that's the reason. Where I live in the Hill Country, the weather is about 6-7 degrees below that of either Dallas or San Antonio. So I will quit complaining. One has to do anything outside in the morning, then stay in for the taking a nap, for instance. We do have rain in the forecast for maybe on Monday, but more probably on Tuesday. I'll see it when the yellow shows up on the radar on my "Weatherbug" app on my IPhone!

And speaking of my IPhone, do you use yours as a camera a good deal? I'm amazed at how wonderful some of our pictures from our trip turned out from the IPhone.

The Tetons

River in Yellowstone

Lighthouse in the distance

Truly amazing gadget, it also helped us navigate right to our destinations with the internal map app. Watch for the lighthouse posts to come! Joining in to Jeanne's Blue Monday to share the beautiful blue skies in Wyoming and Oregon!

Linda Kay

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