Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Selection

Happy Monday, my friends,

Thought I'd share a few random things with you today, linking in with Tamar for Good, Random, Fun. Maybe even "Blue Monday" with Jeanne?

Daughter Heidi continues to improve from her stroke. She has all feeling back in her hands and face, no speech problems, and only occasionally feels a little tired and stressed. She mentioned a few days ago a feeling of fear she is trying to overcome. I found this website about emotions following a stroke, and thought I'd share it with you, just in case you know someone who has had a stroke, many times more severe than my daughter's. Emotions and Stroke. 

As we were driving from the Ozarks, I had called ahead to meet up with a former boss and mentor. Peter was instrumental in the direction of my career in banking, and is still working as a financial advisor for Wells Fargo. We met at a country club in St. Louis for lunch. I'll always be grateful for his leadership.
We have just about six weeks to wait for the arrival of our great granddaughter. Here's Lexi at the shower I attended in Illinois. She has always been very photogenic with her peaches and cream complexion. The new baby will be Adalyn Beth. 

Have you ever seen a diaper cake? This is a series of rolled up paper diapers around a bottle of baby lotion of baby oil, then tied with a ribbon of some sort. In addition to two "cakes" like this one, Lexi's hubby had a golf outing of about 30 guys, and each brought a case of diapers as an entry fee. Big help for this young couple. He is starting dental school this fall in Chicago.

Have a super Monday, everyone. Keep cool....fall is on the way!

Linda Kay
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