Friday, September 30, 2016

Football, Baseball, 9-year old

Our Saturdays, and sometimes on Sunday, we travel to Boerne and San Antonio to watch Grandson Carson in his Football games (Saturdays - Broncos), and Baseball (Lobos). This year had been a turning point for Carson, as he is much more aware of the rules of the game and where the ball might be. My problem is that when I'm watching, I forget to use my camera to capture some of his fabulous plays! Here is the team lined up with parents to say the YMCA pledge at last Saturday's game:

My daughter caught this picture of Carson on the run with the football. He plays quarterback most of the time.

It will be another year before he plays tackle football, so I won't be able to watch anymore! Flag football for these kids has even gotten to look more like tackle. 

No new reports on our house reconstruction project until the next Church Council meeting in October. Lord, give me patience!

Linda Kay 
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