Friday, October 21, 2016

Class Reunion 2017

Our class from Delavan Community High School meets in our hometown for the annual Alumni Banquet every five years. Next year in June will be our 55th! I have no idea how those years have passed us by. Here's the roster of the class in our small town.

I am third from the right, bottom row.

Center right, bottom row, third from the right of classmates. Our class rep Mr. Hubbs makes it back for our class reunions and is a dear friend to many of us on Facebook. Dorothy Murphy is on the far left, also a class rep, but it has been many years since she could attend. We have lost only two of our classmates: Carl Key and Martha Murphy. 

Some still live in Delavan or in the area, while most of us have moved to places all over the U.S. But when we get together, many of the years fade away. It's nice to have a small class from a small town. 

Thanks for reminiscing with me, my friends. Have a wonderful weekend.

Linda Kay

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