Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Miscellaneous

I'm setting this post up ahead, as I have cataract surgery on Thursday. I might have a little trouble focusing on the screen until I get new glasses set for the new lens. Amazing things people do. How do you ever acquire the skill to be an eye surgeon???

I've shown you pictures of our purple passion flower, but now one of our red blooms popped open on another plant, so had to share it with you.

I voted already in this most unusual election, but had to share this with you.

We had some tile left over from our previous house. Our fireplace hearth in this house was a plain slab of rock, so I decided it would look much nicer with some tile on it for a finish. This is how it turned out.

Since the tile man would have some extra time, I asked him to also do the front porch. We found the tile we needed and he completed the job the same day. Makes it look much more finished than the raw concrete. I love it.

Have a special weekend in your neck of the woods! 

Linda Kay
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