Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Japanese Garden

Hubby and I decided to spend a little time exploring in San Antonio, so one of our stops was at the Japanese Garden in Brackenridge Park. This park has many amenities, including the Zoo, and I'll show you a few photos from there later. Here are some of the pics from our tour of the Garden. This first one is from the entrance to the park, up a number of steps to the top of a hill.

Inside the gazebo atop the hill. We marveled at all the rock work to create the columns etc.

This was looking down from a walkway at the gardens. Beautiful blue flowers.

It wouldn't be a Japanese Garden without the Koi. There were many colors to enjoy.

Walkway to the waterfall was so restful with the water on both sides and the fish in the ponds.

I had to get a video of the waterfall, to share the sound with you.
Hope you have a wonderful week, my friends. The weather in Texas is still a little warm, in the 80s, but it's beautiful. No complaint! I'll be around to visit y'all today.

Linda Kay
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