Friday, July 29, 2016

Oregon Lighthouse #1

Our summer trip this year, as you may already know, was traveling down the Oregon Coast from Seattle. We drove to Portland, then over to Highway 1. Our first hotel stay was in Newport, OR where we had a lovely view of the ocean:

We had a wonderful dinner here along the coast looking out at the ocean.

This first lighthouse is of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, the story below.

If you have followed my blog over time, you know how much we love the lighthouses. We have some of Jerry's pictures up all over the house. 

Have a wonderful weekend. We are off on another adventure, but will be back in about 10 days. Have to attend the baby shower for my oldest granddaughter in Illinois!

Linda Kay

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday Project Update

It's Wednesday, and an update on the renovation project. The photo to your left is of Monterey Bay harbor. Do you suppose we could just pack up and go there?Pretty inviting, eh? 

You will remember that last week I showed you the proposed bid for asbestos removal:

3600 Sq Ft sheet rock and insulation removal, $9,789.00

Project design for our inspector/manager, $600.00
Asbestos Air Monitoring per day, $550.00/ 9 hrs., not to exceed 4 days
Travel expenses of manager, $460.00
Asbestos Final Report, $250.00
All of this section not to exceed $3,510.00

Then there is an additional $700 to be paid for asbestos fees to a government agency.

The second bid, received early last week was for $11,000, plus the additional $3,510 and $700.  

Mike suggested we check on grants for the abatement, but from what I read it would take forever, and may not qualify as a church. More likely for a school or public housing. Thanks Mike, made me look it up!

The Church Council tabled the decision on going ahead with the payouts on the project for a couple of reasons, one being the source of funds to move ahead (although they are authorized for that amount before congregation approval), and the other to think about when and how to approach the congregation on the entire project. They will meet again on Aug. 15th, so I may not have an update until after that time.

Our Missions Team approach is to get all the bids together for an estimate of total costs, then go to either the congregation, or to go to the city for approval first. Hmmmm. What do you think is the wisest. 

This week, we are attending a five evening research effort called the Bartimaeus Effect to explore the needs of the poor and needy in our community, a joint effort of several churches in the community including Lutherans and Catholics. Should be interesting, and may be an opportunity to introduce some of our plans for the sober living facility. Gotta keep moving ahead!

My granddaughter Kenze (remember her picture?) should be home in a day or two from this posting, and I'll be glad to have her back in the States.

Linda Kay

Monday, July 25, 2016

It's Hot in Texas

I changed my header to reflect the current state of weather in Texas. It's Sunday afternoon as I write this, and it's in the 90's, but also humid for some amazing reason. Actually there is a lot of water in the creeks and rivers still from all the rain in the Spring, so maybe that's the reason. Where I live in the Hill Country, the weather is about 6-7 degrees below that of either Dallas or San Antonio. So I will quit complaining. One has to do anything outside in the morning, then stay in for the taking a nap, for instance. We do have rain in the forecast for maybe on Monday, but more probably on Tuesday. I'll see it when the yellow shows up on the radar on my "Weatherbug" app on my IPhone!

And speaking of my IPhone, do you use yours as a camera a good deal? I'm amazed at how wonderful some of our pictures from our trip turned out from the IPhone.

The Tetons

River in Yellowstone

Lighthouse in the distance

Truly amazing gadget, it also helped us navigate right to our destinations with the internal map app. Watch for the lighthouse posts to come! Joining in to Jeanne's Blue Monday to share the beautiful blue skies in Wyoming and Oregon!

Linda Kay

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Fence Day in New Mexico

For two years I've been watching for unusual fences, and I have a number to share with you from our last trip. So I'm joining Theresa for Good Fences on this Thursday! I've been away for quite a while.

This first picture is of the fence around the church yard at the church in Chimaya NM, behind it the rock arches and crosses along the creek.

Along this chain link fence, many simple crosses were hung, and it's fun to imagine how long ago and who might have hung them there.

This is a fence along some property in New Mexico, and it really looks a lot like fences in Texas. I can't remember the name of the plant behind the fence.

Have a special Thursday and a great weekend, my friends.

Linda Kay

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday Faith Reflections

This picture is from a tiny church in Chimaya, New Mexico, each of the arches and crosses laid in stone beside a spring-fed stream. So restful.

If you have read my blog in the past, you know that I've gotten myself involved in a huge project to bring a sober living facility to town by rehabilitating a house owned by my church. So I've decided that I will devote Wednesday to writing about our progress or lack thereof.

Before we left on vacation, my hubby had arranged for an asbestos inspection on the house, as it is listed as commercial and no work can be done until asbestos is removed. Our friend Jim met with the inspector to give him access to the house to take samples for the lab.

Shortly before we returned home last Friday, we received the fabulous news that there is asbestos in the sheet rock in the house. The minimum finding is >1% and we had a result of 2%. Really???!!! So we paid the $780 for this inspection and testing and awaited the bids on the abatement. Picture men in HAZMAT suits swarming into our little house. Our speculation was that the cost could go over $20,000, but we had no idea, and the devil was getting me to think we should just forget the project! 

Then we received the bid. So let me give you the breakdown:

3600 Sq Ft sheet rock and insulation removal, $9,789.00

Project design for our inspector/manager, $600.00
Asbestos Air Monitoring per day, $550.00/ 9 hrs., not to exceed 4 days
Travel expenses of manager, $460.00
Asbestos Final Report, $250.00
All of this section not to exceed $3,510.00

Then there is an additional $700 to be paid for asbestos fees to a government agency.

The total comes to almost $14,000, thanks to the government regulations on our little house, zoned commercial. I have no more to say on this subject. This proposal goes to our Church Council for approval to go ahead next Monday, so I'll have another update for you next week.

Linda Kay

Monday, July 18, 2016

Blue, Blue Water

I've definitely been away for a while, but want to share some of our travels with you. We spent some time in Santa Fe, then in Evergreen CO before heading up into Wyoming. There we drove through the Tetons and Yellowstone, and these were captured along the way or in the park.

Too bad I don't have a video on the waterfall, but the mountains and the waters were so beautiful and blue. We had never been to this part of the country so are checking it off our bucket list.

Joining in today with Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor for Blue Monday.

Linda Kay

Friday, July 15, 2016

I'm Back!

Well, at least for today, I'm back. About an hour ago I visited with my beautiful 18-year old daughter with face time, while she is traveling in Italy! Wow! Technology is amazing. She is so confident and excited about her trip. Kenze is 5'10" tall. She said a couple of days ago a group of Chinese gentlemen stopped her and asked that she have her picture taken with them. As you can imagine at 5'10" she towered above them in the group picture with her very blond hair. 

We have been traveling, covering 5300 miles north and west of us from Texas and I have some great pictures to share with you, so that will be coming your way. For today, I thought I'd just share some fun things instead. My friend and I had our pedicures in Missoula MT, and the shop had these chairs for the little ones.

Our little Polly was a very poor traveler. We have had her in the car many times before, but for some reason she had taken a very big dislike to the car. She didn't get sick, but she did pant a good deal of the time on the road. I tried Benadryl and some Calming snacks, but was afraid to give her much medication. And besides, Benadryl says "may cause anxiety." That's all I needed on this trip. But here she is being toted around and relaxed at the end of the day.

And finally, speaking of technology, this funny little ditty:

Have a very special weekend. I'll try to get to you blogs tomorrow and over the weekend. We are already planning our next summer vacation!

Linda Kay
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