Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Kennedy Museum in Dallas

As we continued out visit in Dallas, our next stop was the Sixth Floor Museum, the former book depository from which President Kennedy was assassinated. The museum is very well presented with an overwhelming number of pictures of the Kennedy and his family before, during and after the alleged murder by Lee Harvey Oswald. I say alleged, as he was never tried and convicted because of his own assassination by Jack Ruby. We managed to get a couple of pictures, but we were very limited, no flash.

Kennedy/Johnson campaign posters

Bird's eye view of the parade route from the window in the sixth floor

Articles from the Assassination

Rifle with scope found in the depository after the assassination

This was definitely a memory etched in my brain, and I have heard many of the Conspiracy Theories in regard to how it all happened. What a sad family to think that only Caroline still remains of the Kennedy family, Jackie and John both deceased, along with Bobby and Ted. 

Sorry for the sad post.

How about a fun picture to share with you?

I've decided to have her call me GiGi (Great Grandma). What do you think? Adelyn was six months old on the 1st.

Linda Kay
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