Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wild Flowers

We have now said good-bye to our beautiful bluebonnets, or at least most of them. The bluebonnet is actually an annual flower, so for them to recur next year, the plant has to dry up and the seeds drop. Therefore, the roads are never mowed until the bluebonnets have completed their cycle.

Along with the bluebonnets, the Indian paintbrush is orange and beautiful, and it has also disappeared. In it's place are three distinct flowers along the highways.

This is Indian Blanket. If you look across this roadside toward the bridge in the background, you can imagine the beauty of these flowers, and they continued all the way to Dallas.

Yellow Coreopsis or Tickseed

Queen Ann's Lace

These are all so beautiful, but my eyes water and I sneeze just looking at them!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friends!

Linda Kay
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