Wednesday, October 25, 2017

We Promised: A Story of Abiding Love

My fourth book from the series is out now on Amazon in digital and paperback.

We Promised: A Story of Abiding Love

This from the book description:

In love in their high school years, Colin and Carrie marry shortly after graduation while Colin is still in college. Together they face the usual challenges of married life, raising three boys on a farm in the Midwest. As with many women when the children are grown, Carrie reluctantly begins a career in banking. Her life is divided between her children, her career, and her parents in their declining years.

The farming business grows substantially, giving them both hope for a happy future. A series of falls and consistent pain in her knees sends Carrie to doctors to determine the cause. The diagnosis of a progressive muscle deterioration changes their future dramatically. Despite the prognosis and their plans for the future, Colin and Carrie work together to research the disease and discover and invent tools to aid Carrie. The love that began in their youth becomes an example of abiding love, one that overcomes all obstacles.

The book shares conversations with family members in telling their story. It is filled with laughter, tragedy, and hope for each new day. Those who have faced many life challenges will relate to how the future can quickly change.

The book will come up when you type in: We Promised Linda Kay

Linda Kay


William Kendall said...


Silver Willow said...

congratulations indeed!

The Furry Gnome said...

Same here!

Mike said...

Congrats! You can drop off my complimentary (signed) copy the next time you're coming through St. Louis.

Janie Junebug said...

Well done. It's another good book by Linda Kay.


roth phallyka said...


แตกใน xxx

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