Who Am I?

Hello to all my blog visitors!  So glad to have you stop by.  I am in my senior years of life, defined by all the restaurants and venues who consider anyone over 55, 60, or 65 to be seniors.  Thus the title of my blog - senior adventures.  My husband Jerry and I have a wonderful time finding new and interesting things to do, new friends to find, old friends to visit, etc.  

I was raised on a farm in Central Illinois.  I'm married and have three wonderful children, three lovely granddaughters, and one still very young and handsome grandson.  My education came from the University of Illinois, Springfield, where I earned a BA in Business and an MA in Human Resources, passing the CPA exam just before I turned 50.  But my real education came from working in the business world in a variety of positions in a CPA firm and banking, then a business of my own doing accounting and business consulting.  I spent time teaching for DeVry University online, which really opened my knowledge of the computer and the internet.  

I've always wanted to write, and have now enjoyed the privilege of publishing.  The first book was an absolute pleasure of documenting my mother's memoirs and an array of family recipes in her book "Flavors from the Past: Memoirs and Recipes of Wilma Weiland Diekhoff.  We spent 10 months writing this and many months presenting it to various women's meetings around Central Illinois.  I arranged for her to have a book signing at Barnes and Noble at the age of 82.

Now I've published my fourth romance novel, the third of five in total to develop a story behind five prints given to my grandmother in 1916 for a bridal shower.
You can go to the page for the books I've published to read about the story of "Annie's Love", created from the first picture of Mother Love by C Clyde Squires.  The second book is Sophie Writes a Love Story and is on the second stage of love, puppy love. The third book Out of Darkness to Accepted Love is also now available.

I love blogging and enjoy the wonderful friends I've met through this social media.  You can contact me at tomorrowlady@yahoo.com.

Linda Kay

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