Poems by Linda

Ice and Snow
 By Linda Christensen 

Should we venture out
With this forecast
Of ice, sleet, and snow
By afternoon? 

Do we dare to drive
When we might find
Slick streets and roads
Amid the gloom? 

Or should we rather
Light a fire and
Settle into reading
In our room? 

Bring out the firewood!

My Mother at 72
By Linda Kay Christensen 

There are soft, silver curls now
Where the blonde hair used to be.
The years have left some creases
That all the world can see.
She may not walk as quickly
As we go shopping in the mall.
She descends the stairs with caution,
Afraid that she might fall.
Behind the changing features
And inside that lovely mind
Are the passions of the young at heart
That we all hope to find.
She still hugs my Daddy
As if she were a bride.
She fusses with his diet
And walks proudly by his side.
When I look upon my mother
I see years of strength and love;
I feel the love and caring
And thank the Lord above.
The greatest blessing I could ask
For myself in this short life;
To be my mother to my daughters,
And to my husband, my father's wife.

For a Friendship Friday Post
 By Linda Kay

As you walk with me today
Let me show you the way
To the love and grace of God
Through the words I say.

And if I do not speak,
And it's comfort that you seek,
Just let me give a hug,
When your faith and heart are weak.

Watch me as I'm working,
Or join with me in play,
As I live my life in God's grace,
Today and every day.

For though I'm not in prayer
Or preaching at the pew,
God's love is shining through me
To reach out to each of you.

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